Speak better English

Exercises for English learners
with voice recognition

Your Goal: Speak English fluently and correctly

  • Practise saying fully formulated sentences
  • Each of the 50 exercises focuses on one particular point of English grammar, repeated in 10-15 contexts.
  • For half the price of what you would pay for one single lesson, you will get 10 times as much quality practice time.

Using a method supported by brain research, train your brain to speak with correct grammar automatically


Speak English with Confidence

You've studied English before, but you would like to speak more fluently and correctly?

By completing our exercises on GrammarBud, you’ll be speaking in well-formulated sentences without effort before you know it.

How will you get there?

On GrammarBud you can hear and practise a 1000 common sentences used in everyday situations as you say each sentence out loud.

Why won’t the traditional methods improve your speech?

Multiple Choice
  • Only suitable for testing existing knowledge
Gap Filling
  • Only focuses on one word in a sentence
  • Switching between two languages slows learning process
Conversation in class
  • Have to listen to fellow students’ incorrect speech
  • Improves understanding but not speaking

How is GrammarBud different?

There is no another method which can bridge the gap between understanding and speaking, between the passive and the active as successfully as GrammarBud can.

And the best for last: You won’t need to waste time by typing the answers. Speech recognition does the job for you.